New Book of the Week

Front Cover

Title: “Camps: A Guide to 21st Century Space“

From the back of the book:  “This is the first book to examine the space and idea of the camp as a defining dimension of 21st century life, and to consider why camps are now at the center of emerging questions of identity, residency, safety, and mobility.  Camps register the struggles, emergencies, and possibilities of global existence as no other space does.

But what exactly is a camp?  The ubiquity and diversity of camps calls for a guidebook.  This is what Hailey offers, but it is no ordinary one.  We see how camp spaces are informed by politics and how they transform the ways we think about and make built environments.  Hailey describes camps of diverse regions, purposes, and forms and navigates the inherent paradoxes of zones that are neither temporary nor permanent: camps of choice, including summer camps, protest camps, drift camps (research stations on Arctic ice floes), and LTVA (Long-Term Visitor Area) camps; strategic camps regulated by power–boot camps, GTMO (the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay), immigrant camps, and others; and transient spaces of relief and assistance, among them refugee camps, FEMA City, work camps, and Gypsy camps.  Most than 150 diagrams, sketches, building and site plans, photographs, video game screenshots, aerial and satellite images, and maps illustrate camp space in unprecedented complexity and variety.”

For more information about this book, see Racertrac.

Stop by the new book section in Waterfield Library to browse this book and other new titles.


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