New Book of the Week

Front Cover

New Book of the Week Title: “New Masters of Poster Design: Poster Design for the Next Century

From the back of the book:  “As with vinyl records, the poster seemingly disappeared over the past two decades.  What was once an essential form of communication gradually transformed into a postcard-and-email blast.  Many of us long for the era when posters were not only major promotional vehicles, but also pieces of art worthy of framing.

The loss of a medium that served as a perfect canvas for creativity simply could not be tolerated.  A determined group of designers once again turned to the poster for personal work and as an outlet from more restrictive media; their goal was to prove the poster is still powerful tool in communicating their clients’ messages.  The resulting groundbreaking has brought the medium back to prominence.

New Masters of Poster Design features work from some of the world’s most influential designers, as well as from a handful of fresh-faced newcomers following closely at their heels.  This eclectic collection of work, complied at the height of the poster rebirth, is sure to inspire all.”

 For more information about this book, see Racertrac.

Stop by the new book section in Waterfield Library to browse this book and other new titles


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