New Book Of The Week

Strategic Public Speaking by David Zarefsky


“David Zarefsky, one of today’s leading scholars in speech communication, encourages students to think through and about the public speaking process. Zarefsky urges students to consider the diversity of audiences, occasions, and speakers and to choose a specific purpose, a relevant topic, and the appropriate material to make their speeches successful.


  • Tabs divide the book into sections; each tab contains the list of chapters on the front of the tab and some key points from the chapter on the back of the tab. These tabs aid in the students’ navigation through the text and add to its aesthetic appeal.
  • The emphasis on strategic thinking throughout the text shows students that public speaking is about choices; they will learn that presenting is an art and not a science.

  • Features to support this strategic emphasis include:

    • “Choose a Strategy,” which presents case studies requiring students to decide how the skills and concepts in the text could be adapted to a concrete rhetorical situation.
    • “Applying Strategies,” which feature helpful tips that guide students in utilizing what they have learned to develop their own public speaking skills.

    • “Strategies for Speaking to Diverse Audiences” boxes, providing 

      tudents with helpful information to prepare them for speaking to audiences from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Full of examples and case studies, this text also draws on the underlying theory to enable students to develop a better understanding of the speech preparation process—one that they can apply to the variety of speaking situations they will encounter throughout their lives.
  • Complete coverage of the first speech in Chapter 1 provides students early on with an overview of the public speaking process and simple guidelines for putting together their first speech.”


Strategic Public Speaking is now available at Waterfield Library! Check it out today! (PN4129.15 .Z37 2007)


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