MSU Featured Author: Dr. Joshua Ridley


Dr. Joshua Ridley, Professor of Physics, is our Featured MSU Author. His article, “Bursting emission from PSR B0611+22,” is featured in the Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society.

Volume: 439      Issue: 4      Pages: 3951-3961      Published: APR 2014

To read more information on the article, click here.

On behalf of everyone at University Libraries, we wish to congratulate Dr. Joshua Ridley on his published work.


2 thoughts on “MSU Featured Author: Dr. Joshua Ridley

    1. Dr. Smith,
      Thank you for notifying us of your new book. Congratulations! New Book of the Week is generally a focus on new materials added to the library collections. I would be glad to include your book in our MSU Featured Author Series. The Featured Author Series is a campaign to promote faculty research and publication whether we have the materials in our collections. I will add The Bottom Line is Betrayal to our publication schedule.


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