MSU Featured Scholar: Dr. Tanya Romero-González

Our featured scholar this week is Dr. Tanya Romero-González from the department of Modern Languages at Murray State University. Dr. Romero-González’s article titled, “The Regeneration of ’27: Poeta en Nueva York and Un chien andalou,” (The Re-Generation of ’27: Poet in New York and An Andalusian Dog) was published in volume 31, issue 2, of Rilce-Revista de Filogia Hispanica (Rilce: Journal of Spanish Language and Literature).


This paper presents a comparative study between Federico Garcia Lorca’s Poeta en Nueva York and Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali’s Un chien andalou in order to highlight how the creative vision of these authors transcends the boundaries between different literary movements. Lorca’s collection of poems and Buñuel and Dali’s film fuse traditional and avant-garde elements as a starting point, thereby creating unique works. I will point out this regenerative perspective by way of analyzing three elements that are repeated throughout these works: first, the images in which violence against the eye or bodily fragmentation take place; second, the recurring presence of different animals and their connection with death, and, finally, the importance of religious imagery in these works. Thus, we can ascertain that these authors, far from breaking with tradition, use it as their creative base as they transform the artistic universe of the 20th century.

The Regeneration of ’27: Poeta en Nueva York
and Un chien andalou
By: Dr. Tanya Romero-González
Rilce-Revista de Filogia Hispanica
Jul.-Dec. 2015, vol. 31 (2), pgs. 523-543
ISSN: 0213-2370


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