Our #NewBookoftheWeek is: ‘Spheres of Possibility: Linking Service-Learning and the Visual Arts,’ by Carol S. Jeffers

Have you ever considered the positive impact that can be made through art? Carol S. Jeffers looks at the links between service learning and the visual arts in our #NewBookoftheWeek, Spheres of Possibility: Linking Service Learning and the Visual Arts (No. 258). You can find Spheres of Possibility on the “New Book Shelf” in Waterfield Library.

‘Spheres of Possibility,’ located on the “New Book Shelf’ in Waterfield Library

This book began with the idea that it would describe a set of arts-based service-learning courses developed and implemented during the unique multi-year project, Linking Service-Learning and the Visual Arts. These courses, in photography, graphic design, ceramics, and art education were to be offered as models, perhaps, or better yet, as starting-points, to readers looking to design their own; to any researcher or practitioner interested in exploring service-learning and its possible linkages to visual art/culture. This book is offered then as a story, told in three interrelated parts by many protagonists–active participants in service-learning, both inside and outside the Linking Project–who weave together their experiences and discoveries in dialectics that create the spheres of possibility.–From the author


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