Our #NewBookoftheWeek is ‘The Mixed Methods Reader,’ edited by Vicki L. Plano Clark and John W. Creswell

This week’s #NewBookoftheWeek at Murray State Univerisity is The Mixed Methods Reader, edited by Vicki L. Plano Clark and John W. Creswell.

The Mixed Methods Reader

What are “Mixed Methods”?
When you learn how to conduct research, your instructors will often discuss one of two methods: qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative research is based on personal observations of a study and quantitative research relies on information collected. For example, let’s say we want to study child obesity. A qualitative approach would be to conduct interviews and observe a group of children and see what environmental factors lead some to become obese and others not. A quantitative approach would be to take blood tests and analyze what is different between the children that become obese and those that are not. A mixed methods approach would be to incorporate both research methods in a study.

A number of books have been published recently that incorporate mixed methodologies; however, Plano Clark and Creswell’s book address the history of mixed methodologies developing over the past 30 years (SAGE Publications ). According to SAGE Publications:

The Mixed Methods Reader, edited by two leading researchers in mixed methods research, offers students and researchers a rich balance of foundational works and exemplary studies across a range of disciplines.

You can find a copy of The Mixed Methods Reader on the “New Book Shelf” in Waterfield Library.


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