Designer Animals: Mapping the Issues in Animal Biotechnology is our #NewBookoftheWeek

51sn-3nia7l-_sx331_bo1204203200_Check out the #NewBookoftheWeek: Designer Animals: Mapping the Issues in Animal Biotechnology. This book is co-written by Conrad G. Brunk and Sarah Hartley.

You can find our copy of this book on the “New Book Shelf” in Waterfield Library.

Designer Animals is an in-depth study of the debates surrounding the development of animal biotechnology, which is quickly emerging out of the laboratory and into the commercial marketplace. This book innovatively combines expert analysis on the technology’s economic, professional, ethical, and religious implications while remaining firmly grounded in the ‘real world’ political environment in which the issue is played out.

Designer Animals uses non-technical language to explore the science behind animal biotechnology and the ethical frameworks at play in its surrounding debates. By investigating the interests of major stakeholders, including researchers on the cutting edge of science; mainstream and ‘alternative’ agriculture organizations; the animal welfare movement; and health care providers, patients, and researchers, the contributors illuminate the most important points of agreement and disagreement on this hotly contested topic.  – University of Toronto Press


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