Mike Bordieri, Ph.D. is this week’s #RacerScholar

fac-mbordieri20new20smallOur #RacerScholar this week is from the Department of Psychology at Murray State University. Mike Bordieri, Ph.D. contributed to the paper, “Basic Properties of Coherence: Testing a Core Assumption of Relational Frame Theory,” which appears in the March 2016 issue of Psychological Record.


Relational frame theory contains a foundational assumption that coherence (i.e., making sense) is reinforcing for verbally competent humans. That is, it is assumed that humans relate ambiguous stimuli together because they have an extensive learning history where doing so resulted in both effective environmental action and socially mediated reinforcement (e.g., praise, positive attention).

This investigation tested this core assumption of relational frame theory by analyzing response patterns to ambiguous stimuli in a matching-to-sample task (Study 1) and by assessing whether participants displayed a preference toward coherent contexts in a concurrent chains preparation (Study 2).

The majority of participants responded to ambiguous stimuli in ways that were internally consistent and congruent with their previous learning histories in the absence of any programmed contingencies. Many participants also displayed a preference toward contexts where coherent responding was possible, and there was a trend toward switching away in preference when it became increasingly costly to access the coherent context.

The major theoretical contributions of these findings are discussed.

1Basic Properties of Coherence: Testing a Core
Assumption of Relational Frame Theory

By Michael J. Bordieri, Karen Kate Kellum,
and Kelly G. Wilson, Kerry C. Whiteman
Psychological Record: Mar 2016, vol. 66(1), pgs. 83-98
DOI: 10.1007/s40732-015-0154-z


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