Our #RacerScholar this week is Dr. Jason R. Jaggers

Our featured scholar this week is Professor Jason R. Jaggers from the Applied Health Sciences Department. Dr. Jaggers contributed to the article, “Association of Markers of Inflammation with Sleep and Physical Activity Among People Living with HIV or AIDS,” which was published in the June 2015 issue of Aids and Behavior.

Jason R. Jaggers, Ph.D


This study examined associations of sleep and minutes spent in moderate-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) with C-reactive protein (CRP) and interleukin (IL)-6 among persons living with HIV. Cross-sectional analyses (n = 45) focused on associations of inflammatory outcomes (i.e., CRP and IL-6) with actigraph-derived sleep duration, latency, and efficiency; sleep onset; wake time; and wake-after-sleep-onset; as well as MVPA. Least square means for CRP and IL-6 by levels of sleep and MVPA were computed from general linear models. Individuals below the median of sleep duration, above the median for sleep onset, and below the median of MVPA minutes had higher CRP or IL-6 levels. Generally, individuals with both low MVPA and poor sleep characteristics had higher inflammation levels than those with more MVPA and worse sleep. Understanding the combined impact of multiple lifestyle/behavioral factors on inflammation could inform intervention strategies to reduce inflammation and therefore, chronic disease risk.

Association of Markers of Inflammation with Sleep and Physical Activity Among People Living with HIV or AIDS
By: Michael D. Wirth, Jason R. Jaggers, Wesley D. Dudgeon, James R. Hébert, Shawn D. Youngstedt, Steven N. Blair, Gregory A. Hand
Aids and Behavior
June 2015, vol. 19 (6), pgs. 1098-1107
doi: 10.1007/s10461-014-0949-y


MSU Featured Author: Dr. Jason R. Jaggers

downloadJason R. Jaggers, Assistant Professor of Applied Health Sciences at MSU, is our Featured MSU Author this week. His  article, “Association of exercise heart rate response and incidence of hypertension in men” is featured in a recent issue, of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

Volume: 89     Issue: 8         Pages: 1101-1107         Published: Aug 2014

To read the article, click here. On behalf of everyone at University Libraries, we want to congratulate Dr. Jaggers on his published work.

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