Martin Milkman, Ph.D. is this week’s #RacerScholar

Professor Martin Milkeco_mimman in the Economics and Finance department at Murray State University is this week’s #RacerScholar. His article, “Writing Across the Curriculum in Elective Economics Classes,” is included in volume 46, issue 1, of National Social Science Journal.


This paper presents the methods and results of a Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) study conducted at Murray State University in two elective economics classes. While there is plenty of literature about WAC, I hope that this paper will be interesting as it offers some suggestions to instructors who would be interested using WAC in their classrooms. After a very brief review of the literature, the paper describes how WAC was used in the two classes and the results of the program.

NSAJ.pngWriting Across the Curriculum in Elective Economics Classes
By Martin Milkman
National Social Science Journal: vol. 46(1), pgs. 93-97
ISSN 2154-1736


Calyn M. Colston ’14, Alyx Shultz, Ph.D., and C. A. Shea Porr, Ph.D. our this week’s #RacerScholars

Calyn Marie Colston ’14, Alyx Shultz, Ph.D., and  Shea Porr, Ph.D. from the Hutson School of Agriculture at Murray State University are this week’s #RacerScholars. They published the paper, “The Feasibility of Implementing an Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapy Curriculum into Higher Education,” in volume 59, issue 3, of NACTA Journal.


Increased research on the benefits of equine- assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) for people with special needs and the success of these programs has generated an increase in education on EAAT in the United States. This study provides evidence of the viability of EAAT programs in higher education and helps determine whether universities and colleges should consider implementing these programs into their curriculum, with particular focus on Murray State University. [Read More]

cdxtqzjviaa3_01The Feasibility of Implementing an Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapy Curriculum into Higher Education
By Calyn M. Colston, Alyx Shultz, and  C. A. Shea Porr
NACTA Journal : Sep. 2015, vol. 59 (3), pgs. 189-191